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Information and installation instructions for vinyl decals
White or Black Matte finish 5 year calendared exterior vinyl
This is a very sticky decal that will not come off accidentally with pressure washing at close range. This vinyl will with stand most external weather and hot/cold conditions and makes a great window decal for autos. It also adheres very well to metal so makes a great decal for a trailer surface. For interior use, this will work on sheet rock walls, but will remove the paint so plan carefully.

CAUTION and Guarantee

Decals are quick and easy to install for those who are experienced at installing them. However, an inexperienced installer who is not aware of the tricks of handling decals can easily ruin a decal. All decal sales are final and no refund will be given due to a faulty installation. Yes I have had people ask for a refund because they did not have success at installing, and we unfortunately cannot honor those requests. If the decal is damaged in shipping notice must be provided within 24 hours. Please inspect your decals as soon as they arrive. Here are some hints to help with a successful first time install.
  • be careful to NOT let the vinyl sticky back touch ANYTHING while you are prepping the area.
  • Once the backing is peeled off, be ready to apply it to the surface.
  • go slow and careful
  • squeegee with alot of pressure, you cannot use too much
  • ask for help on the larger decals, another set of hands are very helpful.

Installation instructions:
Masking tape, painters tape, something that is removable. credit card or vinyl Squeegee
  1. Clean your window surface
  2. Place your decal on the surface with the grid side facing the window (this is the printed paper side)and tape along the top only.
  3. Flip the decal up and very carefully peel away the grid lined paper, which will reveal the sticky side of the decal, watch for any small letters to ensure they do not come off on the grid paper.
  4. From the top hinge, start to lay down your decal, rolling it down away from your top tape hinge
  5. Using the credit card, wipe along the top paper, working out any bubbles and ripples until the entire surfact appears smooth. Starting at the bottom corner, peel away the top masking paper.
  6. Work out any bubbles, if some remain, you can use a pin to poke a teeny hole and the squeegee the air out.
Manufacturer details:
Made by, the parent website for,,, and Enjoy your decal!

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